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Process PRO™ offers a programming architecture designed for water systems.  Process PRO's Wise family of powerful integration Modules transform tasks into highly configurable systems.


Superior Project Development 


World Standard IEC61131-3 Compliant Programming:

  • Tag based addressing allows efficient development
  • PLC programming languages process control engineers use
    • Ladder
    • Structured Text
    • SFC
    • CFC
    • IL
    • FBD
  • Tightly integrated PLC and HMI applications


Water Process Specific Modular Programming:

  • Robust time and test hardened core code
  • Reduced lead time and cost
  • Smoother startups
  • Faster field changes


Enhanced Functionality:

  • Internet access for control, monitoring and data acquisition
  • User access security
  • Real time units selection/conversion
  • Language selection
  • Cascaded (multi-stage) PID process controls


Complete Family of Wise Integration Modules:
  • Filter Wise™
  • RO Wise™
  • CIP Wise™
  • DAF Wise™
  • SBR Wise™
  • MBR Wise™
  • MBBR Wise™




Process PRO™ Data Sheet



Real time unit conversion for all

analog display and set point values.

Advanced functionality and web connectivity built-in.